Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Days of The Nile

Go back in time, to a place where Egyptian Pharos ruled and Queens wore Exquisite pieces of jewelry. This piece was inspired by Queen Nefertiti.
Red and Black Egyptian Necklace: This pice is ready for shipment. It is on sale. Original Price $25.00 Sale Price $15.00
Custom Order Egyptian Necklace: We have added more pics to the listing. These are made by the order which means you chose your color combinations. It will take at least 2 weeks to make 1 necklace and erring set.

We are hoping to add more pictures to the Bodices Listings by Midnight tonight. We are also hoping to add more listings by tomorrow Morning. We are working hard to update and Straighten out the shop. Come and visit us tell us how we are doing!


Aisling said...

Those necklaces are just fabulous! Job well done.

Willow Forrestall said...

Thank you :D