Monday, September 29, 2008

Crème Féerique / Faery Cream

Autumn is a time for introspection and...inspiration. For me, it is time to reconnect and work deeper with the Underworld and the Faery Realm.

We often forget about our Fairy Godmothers yet these loving & caring beings of light help us and protect us on a daily basis. So I decided to celebrate them with a Crème Féerique (Fairy Cream in french) loaded with love, sweetness and natural goodness...I believe it's "Faery Approved" ;).

This cream is handmade with organic sweet almond oil infused with real Madagascar vanilla bean, natural/unrefined cocoa butter (which has a natual chocolate-like scent), unrefined beeswax, organic aloe vera gel, whole milk powder (fairies love milk), vitamin E & a Faery blessing.

It smells wonderful and I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I do...

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumn Blessings

Just a little seasonal meditation to share . . . 

In the quiet stillness of late morning she arrives.

Her voice, still soft, has been whispering in the leaves for days. Yet today I hear her breathe deep, stretch and I catch her scent, distinct in the quiet air. She is ready. She is ready to assist my world in its journey to darkness and chill. She is ready to put to rest all that is exhausted. She is ready to guide the green divas back to their fair realm of the underworld. She is ready to help us rest, but not before abundance is recognized, honored and blessed.

Her voice, still soft, whispers, “Get to work little one. Get to work.”

Ashe. Ashe. Beautiful autumn blessings to you all. Enjoy the Bounty!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hedgewitch Sale

I hope everyone has had a great summer (and anyone in the other hemisphere is enjoying the first signs of spring!)..

.. this is just to let you know that Hedgewitch is having an 'end-of-summer' sale, so its a good time to visit and grab a bargain!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Blessed Path

I wander the woods seeking clarity and wisdom . . .

. . . I bask in the warming embrace of every season . . . 

. . . and my heart opens to infinite dreams . . .  

. . . may your path be ever blessed!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Circlets, Fairies, and Elements

Circlet of The Butterfly Blue

To finish off our current circlets this one is blue woven wire with a butterfly charm. You can visit the listing by clicking here!

Fairy's of Earth

These earrings were inspired by the element of earth. To visit the listing click here!

Fairies and Roses

To visit the listing click here!

Free Shipping on all jewelry until October 1st! World Wide Shipping and combine ordering is available. We also Have Gift Certificates!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Faerie Garden Fancies

Well, I've been a busy little bee and added some of my latest creations to the shop. I've still got way more to add, and even more to finish!

Buy Handmade

Monday, September 8, 2008

POEST Elements Challenge

This challenge is for members of Pagans of Etsy Street Team, “POEST”, to submit a handmade item to be voted on.

This challenge topic is:

The Elements; Earth, Air, Fire Water & Spirit. In any manner you wish to express in your art. The element[s] you choose to represent should appear in the description of the item along with ‘how it/they’ are expressed.

The voting poll will be active on the POEST blog starting on October 13 and ending on October 31. Any visitor to the blog can vote. Recruit friends, family, cyber-buddies and the paperboy to visit the challenge entries and vote.

The winning entry will be prominently featured here on the POEST blog along with a mini of the winning shop until the end of the next challenge. More exposure equals more traffic to the winning shop.

Please read through the Rules before submitting your entry.


These rules are simple. Please make sure that ALL requirements are fulfilled before submitting your entry.

  1. You must be a member of POEST to participate in the challenge.

All POEST shops are eligible to enter 1 item.

If a member has more than 1 shop they may enter 1 listing per shop.

2. The listing must comply with Etsy TOS.

3. “paganchallenge” nd “paganteam’ tags must be used in the listing.

4. Email a photo, in jpg format, of the item and the link for the listing in your shop to

5. The item you submit must be an original work of yours.

6. Item must be completed, listed and submitted by the entry date October 10 Midnight.

7. The item must represent the topic of the challenge.

8. All voting will be done on the POEST Blog and tallied with a poll.

Monday, September 1, 2008

September Featured Member - Erin from BadraBoutique and Hijabi

This is another interview in a monthly series of featured members from the POEST team. These interviews are a great way for you to get to know our team and its members, as well as get some great information and advice from seasoned Etsians!

This interview is with Erin of Badra Boutique and Hijabi.

What is your Etsy shop address and name? Where else can we find you? is my etsy store. Badra is the Arabic women's name for Full Moon. I also make clothing for Muslim ladies at And my main website is You'll find things on there that I didn't make, too. lol.

What is the main thing you make and sell in your store? What else do you make and/or sell?
I mostly make clothing for festivals, rituals, SCA and other fairs. I love to make magickal items, like applique'd altar cloths, and other goodies. I'm also the maker of Ruby Moon Menstrual Pads. (which I think I'm out of right now, but will have some more in stock very shortly) I also crochet and knit and make snuggly warm things through that medium. I make horns for your head, awesome bags for magickal items that you might like to wear on your being. I sometimes work with clay and papier mache . Around Yule, I will have pagan ornaments for your Yule trees.

How and when did you get started with arts and crafts?
I grew up with a very crafty mother and grandmother, so it might be in my blood. LOL I started in the 1980's. I was one of those new wave types who grew up on Duran Duran and Depeche Mode in high school. I wanted to wear all the weird clothing and my mom simply wouldn't buy it for me, so I started making my own clothing in the mid 80's. Soon my friends were asking me to make things for them too.

Where do you get your inspiration?
Movies movies movies. ok, and some tv shows. LOL. I'm a huge fan of fantasy movies and some tv shows like Robin Hood on BBC. When the LOTR museum exhibit came to Houston, I think I spent most of my time examining the tiny details of the costumes displayed.

What are your favorite materials?
Anything natural, cottons, linens, rayons, etc. I buy fabric by the bolt when I can. I think I have more fabric in my shop than a lot of fabric stores! LOL.

As a member of the Pagans of Etsy Street Team (POEST), tell us a little bit about your Pagan path and what being Pagan means to you, especially with regards to your art or craft. I've been a pagan/witch for 23 years now. I'm of the Taureleo path... no not taurus and leo. Taureleo is of the Quenyan language and means Forest Shadow. I guess the easiest way to describe my path is that it's very neutral, recognizes both light and dark magicks, and is very green. By green, I mean very natural, one with the earth, organic, greenwitch like. It's also a little Dianic in the way that we are a Matriarchal lead path. But we do recognize the God and do have men in our covens. Paganism to me is not only a religion but a way of life. I feel I am one with the forest that surrounds me. And I am part of it as it is part of me. Same with magick. I don't feel like I *use* it...but am instead part of it as it is part of me. I have my very neglected Taureleo website at if your'e interested in learning more about what my path is. It needs a lot of updating tho. LOL.

What advice would you give to beginners in your art or craft?
Learn the Pagan Student Bill Of Rights. And please don't read anything by Silver Ravenwolf and take it seriously. Her books are contradictory in unto themselves. LOL. Search for good teachers and don't believe everything you read or hear. NEVER stop learning and always question everything no matter what.

What advice would you give other Etsy sellers and those interested in opening up a shop?
Go for it. What have you got to lose? and last but not least,.... you'll never know unless you try it... so just do it. :-)

Is Etsy a full-time job? If not, what else do you do to pay the bills and how do you balance Etsy with that and other things in your life?
Yes, for me, Etsy is my job. I'm a stay at home, work from home, homeschooling mom and wife to a wonderful Asatru husband who supports all my crazy ideas. lol. I have two shops, my normal one and I also make clothing for Muslim ladies on my other shop so if you see scarves , etc that look Muslim on my site, yes, I make their clothing as well. They have been the most wonderfully positive people I've ever met in my life and nothing like the negativity you see on TV. LOL. Other things I do... I'm an avid organic gardener, lover of books, and owned by my brat cats. LOL. Many magickal blessings to everyone!