Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Yule & Christmas Sales

Yule is coming up on December 21st and Christmas will be here shortly after on December 25th, which leaves less than a month for gift shopping! In celebration of both holidays, the Pagans of Etsy Team is offering various promotions in over 30 member shops. The sales include discounts on Christmas/Yule items, all items, giveaways, free shipping and more!

Below is a list of participating shops and available promotions. Please see their shops for more details and exact dates - they may not hold their sale during the entire sale period:

3sistersmagickshoppe - 20% off for all PaganTeam members plus $2+ off selected items for any customer
AngelicGems - Everything 10% off and orders above $50 shipped for free from 11/28 to 12/01
AthenasDisciple - 20% off everything in the shop
BellaMental - 15% off all items except custom orders, write "paganyule" in notes to seller to receive the discount - offer lasts from 11/28 until 12/21
BrightlyBlessedBeads - Free shipping up until Christmas
DragonHoard - $2.5 off every $25 spent; free surprise gift with purchase from 11/28 to 12/25
DragonsMoon - See shop for details
FollowTheRedBrickRd - 10% off of items over $10, and 15% off items over $50, put "paganyule" in notes to seller to receive dicount
GBaneyx - 20% off all items from Black Friday - Cyber Monday (11/28 - 12/01)
HappyHaven - See shop for details
HarvestStorm - 20-50% off selected items & Free Shipping on purchases including any "ACEO Bounty" cards
KarenElizDesigns - See shop for details
LavenderDragonHerbs - Mens and Womens Sprays buy 1 get 1 half off; Sachets buy 1 get 1 half off; Tinctures Buy 1 Get 1 half off; Teas and Incense 15% off; Gift Baskets 25% off; Or choose to get 25% off your total order of $20 or more; Every Purchase will be entered into a Drawing for $25 Gift Cert; See shop for details on getting the discounts
L. & T.A. Frank - 10% off everything from 11/17 to 12/17
LWaite - Most items $2 - $8 off until Jan. 1, 2009.
LuluDesign - See shop for details
Magical Alchemy - Free shipping on all herbs & teas from 11/28 to 12/24 and a reduced price on both "Frankincense & Myrrh" mixed resin and room spray
MeaCulpaBodyandBath - Free sample with purchase
MeriGreenleaf - See shop for details
MoonLitCreations - 20% off all Jewelry during December
Nefaeria - Some readings will be buy one, get second half price from 11/28 to 12/25
NightMaiden - 50% off everything and free shipping Black Fri thru Cyber Monday (11/28-12/01). After 12/01, 20% off pagan and metaphysical items - look in the sale section
Oakling - 33% off all meal planning kits for black friday/cyber monday and extended further for Yule
RainaDelMagick - Free quartz crystal with all Yule sales and free shipping on sales over $25.00
RainFeather13 - See shop for details
SerenityFields - Free shipping on holiday scented container candles
SnowWaterWoolWorks - Select items on sale
SuzeesJubileeZ - Free shipping on all items and a free catnip cat
TheDancersSpirit - Free gift with purchase
Tunrida - All orders over $50 get a free set Oracle Runes until the Winter Solstice (Dec. 21st)
Vermorlian - 20% off all our altars, altar sets, smudges and wands from 11/27-12/5
Vidia2Be - 25% all items for black friday (11/28) and cyber monday (12/01)
WhimsiGals - See shop for details

Please see promotional items below:

Members - please feel free to use the above images for your items and avatar to help promote the sale. Here is a blurb: To celebrate both Yule and Christmas, the Pagans of Etsy are having a sale! Over 30 shops are offering you discounts and freebies as you prepare gifts for your family and friends. Please search by "PaganYule" to find promotional items.

Update 12/16/2008: Our sale was mentioned by Darkly Fey in her blog & podcast - Thanks very much!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

POEST Member Interviewed on GetWitchified.com

Shaman Amy Frank from LTaFrank.Etsy.com was interviewed on the podcast Get Witchified (A)nother Podcast for Witches. Shaman Amy shares with us her amazing tradition and spiritual path that blends Mongolian Shamanism and Native American spirituality.

Listen to Shaman Amy's interview in the Get Witchified podcast #7 available for download at GetWitchified.com and on iTunes.

Get Witchified is a podcast that delves into the witchy world of spellcraft, divination, the paranormal and everyday life with your host Oseaana December. Oseaana is the Creatrix at The Moonlit Sea and also a member of the Pagans of Etsy Street Team.

Stay tuned to Get Witchified for more POEST member interviews!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Elements Challenge Winner - Tunrida!

Our winning entry was the Elements of Transformation, Necklace to Bracelets Set from Tunrida with 65 out of 166 votes, seen below. Click on the image to go directly to the item in store.

Runners up include:Walk In The Woods with 44 out of 166 votes for her Elemental Honor - ACEO set, and KrystalMoon74 with 42 out of 166 votes for her Ethereal Goddess necklace.

Tunrida and the winning entry will be featured in our blog until the next challenge voting begins.
See more items from Tunrida below:

Sometimes It's the Little Things ...

I'm offering FREE US SHIPPING on all my ACEO work thru December 2008.

Work like this:

Stop by my shop, browse around - make a special request even! And just for today - breathe deep and enjoy what you have!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Dragons Blood Votive Candles

Set of 6 Votive Candle's
The Dragons Blood fragrance will warm the room.
We dyed ours yellow made with Palm Feather wax