Monday, June 2, 2008

POEST Astrology Challenge

Pagans of Etsy Street Team Astrology Challenge: June 21 – July 31

Let’s get those creative juices flowing and drive traffic to our shops as well!

For this challenge create something fabulous and original with Astrology as an inspiration. It can be anything to do with any form of astrology.

All entries must be listed in your shop and entered via email to on or before midnight June 21 EDT.

The voting poll will be active on the POEST blog starting on July 1 and ending on July 31. Any visitor to the blog can vote. Recruit friends, family, cyber-buddies and the paperboy to visit the challenge entries and vote.

The winning entry will be prominently featured on the POEST blog along with a mini of the winning shop until the end of the next challenge. More exposure equals more traffic to the winning shop.

Rules & Guidelines:
1. You must be a member of POEST to participate in the challenge.
"PaganTeam" tag must be used in listing.
2. The listing must comply with Etsy TOS.
3. “paganchallenge” tag must be used in the listing.
4. Email a photo, in jpg format, of the item and the link for the listing in
your shop to
5. The item you submit must be an original work of yours.
6. Item must be completed and listed by entry date.
7. The item must represent the topic of the challenge.
8. All voting will be done on the POEST Blog and tallied with a poll.
9. All POEST shops are eligible to enter. If a member has more than 1 shop
they may enter 1 listing per shop.

Rules and guidelines may change updates will be posted.


Walk in the Woods said...

Cool challenge! Let's see if I can get these other tasks completed and get to stirring up some Nature-inspired astrology inspiration! :)

TL Sexton said...

I sent mine in last night. I don't know if you received it, as I have not heard. Please let me know.

Brightest Blessings