Wednesday, July 2, 2008

A. Zapps Expedition VI in TW

The continuing saga of Antoinette Zapp's quest for her mother Athena in the mythical utopia, Herland (first documented in 1915 by Charlotte Gilman Perkins of the yellow wallpaper fame)continues ephemerally in the etsy treasuries. In chapter V, Antoinette met a kindred spirit, Isabelle originally from Herland but kidnapped by air ship pirates and wanting to return to the greens of the elusive Herland. Antoinette is inspired by her stories of her life in Herland and how she became the captain of a pirate airship after having been kidnapped by them. Their relationship may deepen as they continue on in their search for Athena.
This is a shot of Antoinette itching to get going on her expeditions with her brother Alphonso and his future bride Beauticia Periwinkle at A&A Zapps Purveyors of Esoteric Artifacts, taken before chapter 2 in etsy Treasury West: A. Zapp Expeditions, pursuing the vision.

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