Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Congratulations to our Astrology Challenge Winner - Sauk Mountain!

Our winning entry was the Astrology Soap - Cancer item from Sauk Mountain with 43 out of 105 votes, seen below. Click on the image to go directly to the item in store.

Runners up include:
Earth's Energies with 24 out of 105 votes for her Ares - God of War Figurine.
Ivonnardona with 19 out of 105 votes for her Mercury & Virgo pendant necklace.

Sauk Mountain and the winning entry will be featured in our blog until the next challenge voting begins.

See more items from Sauk Mountain below:


artbysusmitha said...

Congrats Julie! :)

My personal favorite from Julie's store is the French Clay Lavender Soap. It's awesome!!! :D

Walk in the Woods said...

Congrats Julie - on wining the Astrology Challenge. :) With so many wonderful choices for us all - everyone who entered something is a winner as wel, eh?

Nice inspiration Julie - and all who entered an item to the challenge!

You all inspire me!

Sus said...

Mucho coolness!!! :)

PR said...

Congratulations! Sauk Mountain on winning the Astrology Challenge

This was fun & everything was fantastic.

I look forward to the next.


TL Sexton said...

Congratulations SaukMountain! I love how you came up with a soap for each astrological sign.

Howling Caterpillars said...

Congratulations on winning the Challenge!!
Maybe you can be two for two on the next one!!!

craftgoddessathena said...

CONGRATULATIONS Sauk Mountain on the astrology challenge.

Sage Moonstone said...