Friday, October 17, 2008

Halloween Sale

Halloween is coming up in only 2 weeks on October 31st and Samhain is coming up on November 7th! In celebration of both Halloween and Samhain, the Pagans of Etsy street team is offering various promotions across many member shops. The sales include discounts on Halloween/Samhain items, all items, giveaways, free shipping and more!

Below is a list of participating shops and available promotions. Please see their shops for more details and exact dates - they may not hold their sale during the entire two weeks:
AthenasDisciple - 15% off everything in the shop
CobaltQuilter - 15% off any item tagged "paganhalloween"
Dragon Rags - 20% off all items (not including shipping,) difference refunded/adjusted invoice via Paypal
DragonsMoon - Freebie with any purchase, Free shipping to USA, Outside USA 15% off, Tarot Readings 31% off
ElysianFields - free shipping to USA
FollowTheRedBrickRd - 10% off any purchase, 15% if you purchase more than 3 items. Free shipping in US on item totals over $20, and everywhere else for totals over $30
GreenWomanCrafts - Halloween items on sale and free shipping with multiple purchases
GypsySkies - 20% off all items
HarvestStorm - 10% off everything
Hattielicious - 15% off everything sale
HowlingCaterpillars - 20% off halloween items
JansBeads - Free shipping on all items and a surprise with each order
LavenderDragonHerbs - Buy any 25 Pk Incense and get a 4 stick sample pk Free, Buy 1 Any Tea and get 1 extra ounce Free, Buy 1 Dog or Cat Sachet and get 1 free, Buy a Set of Moth Sachets and get 1 extra Sachet Free, 25% off All Gift Baskets, 15% off All Tinctures and 10% off All other items in my shop, Each purchase will also be entered into my monthly $25 Gift Certificate Giveaway, Drawing held Nov 5th
L. & T.A. Frank - Everything 10% off
LWaite - October sale - many items are 2 to 6 dollars off
Magical Alchemy - Free shipping on all herbs
MagickMermaid - 10% off total purchase
MeriGreenleaf - 15% off all Halloween/Fall items
MoonLitCreations - 15% off all Jewelry
NascarWitch31 - 15% of anything in the shop - $5 off Haindl Rune Oracle readings (usually $15.00 with discount $10.00)
ShadeSongs - 20% off all Halloween category items
Halloween items on sale and free shipping with multiple purchases
StarryDance - 10% off everything
SusanSee - 20% off entire shop
TheBirchTree - Halloween items on sale
TheMoonlitSea - 10% off anything in the shop
Tunrida - Oracle Runes on sale (including the ones for beginners), $20 instead of $24.45.
Vidia2Be - 10% off everything and a free gift with any purchase

Please see promotional items below:

Members - please feel free to use the above images for your items and avatar to help promote the sale. Here is a blurb: To honor Halloween and Samhain, the Pagans of Etsy are having a sale! Over 25 shops are offering you discounts and freebies in celebration of a very pagan kind of holiday. Please search by "PaganHalloween" to find promotion items.


Walk in the Woods said...


Cyber_Hippie said...

Kendra, please add my shop-20% off all items (not including shipping,) difference refunded/adjusted invoice via Paypal.

My sale will be running from 10/27 to November 3.

Jen M.
Drag'n Rags

Sunfire said...

Looks great guys - I can't afford to participate this time around, but I hope it helps out everyone involved.

Howling Caterpillars said...

I'm having a Samhain Sale also.
20% off my Halloween items.
It will run from today, the 19th until the 2nd of November.

MoonLit Creations said...

Please include my store, all jewelry will be 15% Off!!!