Monday, November 17, 2008

Elements Challenge Winner - Tunrida!

Our winning entry was the Elements of Transformation, Necklace to Bracelets Set from Tunrida with 65 out of 166 votes, seen below. Click on the image to go directly to the item in store.

Runners up include:Walk In The Woods with 44 out of 166 votes for her Elemental Honor - ACEO set, and KrystalMoon74 with 42 out of 166 votes for her Ethereal Goddess necklace.

Tunrida and the winning entry will be featured in our blog until the next challenge voting begins.
See more items from Tunrida below:


Walk in the Woods said...

Congratulations Tunrida! It was a fun challenge and your transformational piece of jewelry is just amazing and so beautiful!

shadesongs said...

That is an amazing set! Congratulations!

Howling Caterpillars said...


FairyJane said...

Congratulations! Great work.

Tunrida said...

Thank you all! I'm honoured to win in such good crafting company.

I'm going to have a celebratory offer; 15% off on all jewelry for the rest of this year and a secret gift to the customer who purchase the winning piece. :)

Cyber_Hippie said...


There really were a lot of amazing, amazing entries this time! :)

Jen M.