Monday, December 31, 2007

Spiral Sun

Hi everyone. I am a textile artist living in the UK, making mainly art quilts and art dolls. I also like to dabble a bit in mixed media art. My etsy shop ( hasn't been open very long, and I have lots of new work planned for 2008. One of my first long-term projects will be to create an art doll for each of the pagan festivals - so Brighid, Queen of Imbolc; Astarte, Queen of Ostara, etc - watch this space and visit my own blog for more details:
I also want to make more art quilts celebrating the landscape, the seasons, and the idea that all things are alive. It will be a busy year! Good luck to everyone involved in Pagans of Etsy; let's hope that we enjoy a successful year together.


Ivonnardona said...

I love the doll you are showing. It is so unique, yet so beautiful. I will defintiely be keeping an eye on your shop.

Kendra aka Athena's Disciple said...

Thanks for jumping into the blog! I hope you have a great 2008, as well. :)