Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Fairy Door Listing

Fairies are all around us, and while some of them live in forests, many of them live among humans. You may use self-stick Velcro to hang your fairy door in your home or stand it against a shrub or tree in the garden to let fairies know they are welcome, and you just might be surprised how quickly they move in.

This one of a kind fairy door was handcrafted from stoneware clay and lead free glazes. I do not use templates or molds, this door has been crafted and carved to be suitable for indoor or outdoor use. Any warping during firing of the doors just adds to the uniqueness as no two are identical.

This door measures 5 1/2" High X 4 1/4" Wide and 1 3/8" deep with the stoop.

A strip of self adhesive Velcro is included.

Listing Here