Monday, September 8, 2008

POEST Elements Challenge

This challenge is for members of Pagans of Etsy Street Team, “POEST”, to submit a handmade item to be voted on.

This challenge topic is:

The Elements; Earth, Air, Fire Water & Spirit. In any manner you wish to express in your art. The element[s] you choose to represent should appear in the description of the item along with ‘how it/they’ are expressed.

The voting poll will be active on the POEST blog starting on October 13 and ending on October 31. Any visitor to the blog can vote. Recruit friends, family, cyber-buddies and the paperboy to visit the challenge entries and vote.

The winning entry will be prominently featured here on the POEST blog along with a mini of the winning shop until the end of the next challenge. More exposure equals more traffic to the winning shop.

Please read through the Rules before submitting your entry.


These rules are simple. Please make sure that ALL requirements are fulfilled before submitting your entry.

  1. You must be a member of POEST to participate in the challenge.

All POEST shops are eligible to enter 1 item.

If a member has more than 1 shop they may enter 1 listing per shop.

2. The listing must comply with Etsy TOS.

3. “paganchallenge” nd “paganteam’ tags must be used in the listing.

4. Email a photo, in jpg format, of the item and the link for the listing in your shop to

5. The item you submit must be an original work of yours.

6. Item must be completed, listed and submitted by the entry date October 10 Midnight.

7. The item must represent the topic of the challenge.

8. All voting will be done on the POEST Blog and tallied with a poll.


Sage Moonstone said...

I can't wait to see everyone's Entries!

Willow Forrestall said...

hmm i wonder what I should enter?

shadesongs said...

Just a heads up. There is a seller who has followed and copied me from ebay. She is using the word POEST in her tags, when she was asked about it. She said it refers to Witch. So when doing a search, I would suggest Paganteam. I was told there isn't anything I can do about it, and truthfully she is a very nasty piece of work who I would rather not deal with. She was using a voodoo doll against one seller on ebay! Just trying to warn everyone in the group about her.

krystalmoon74 said...

Created my entry last night, and was all out of the clasp I need to finish the set !!! AAARRRGGG !!!

That does mean I'll have to go to a bead shop ... aw shucks !!! LOL !!!

Walk in the Woods said...

OK . . . I am so hoping to have some new inspiration for this before 10/10 . . . but even if I don't, have a little something in the wings!

Howling Caterpillars said...

I can't wait to see whateveryone came up with either, Sage...I love MINE! LOL

PeggySue said...

Where do we see the entries to vote on?

Kendra aka Athena's Disciple said...

Peggy - the voting is in another blog post: