Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Autumn Blessings

Just a little seasonal meditation to share . . . 

In the quiet stillness of late morning she arrives.

Her voice, still soft, has been whispering in the leaves for days. Yet today I hear her breathe deep, stretch and I catch her scent, distinct in the quiet air. She is ready. She is ready to assist my world in its journey to darkness and chill. She is ready to put to rest all that is exhausted. She is ready to guide the green divas back to their fair realm of the underworld. She is ready to help us rest, but not before abundance is recognized, honored and blessed.

Her voice, still soft, whispers, “Get to work little one. Get to work.”

Ashe. Ashe. Beautiful autumn blessings to you all. Enjoy the Bounty!


Kendra aka Athena's Disciple said...

Great post. :) Happy Mabon!

Walk in the Woods said...

Thanks Kendra!


Alchemille said...

Absolutely beautiful...If it's a quote from a book, may I ask which one? ;)

Julie said...

Thank you for these wonderful words that danced through the airwaves onto my computer screen!

Many Blessings!