Saturday, January 26, 2008

Brighid, bringer of snowdrops

My recent computer problems have left me with no internet access for about two weeks. During that time, with no online distractions, I have managed to complete a lot of work and have learned that I spend far too much time online! Now that (it seems) I have a working computer again, I intend to re-open my online shop at etsy in the next few days, and will be listing Brighid, bringer of snowdrops very soon. Brighid is a cloth doll, made from painted cotton fabric. She wears a pale green silk dress with silk chiffon overlay and trim, and a dark green crushed velvet cloak with a hood. She will either sit or stand, and is approximately 50cm tall.
Brighid brings the first signs of spring; as the goddess wakes from her winter sleep and walks upon the earth, snowdrops spring up from where her feet have touched the ground. She brings the cold, sleeping earth back to warmth and new life. Brighid is come; Brighid is welcome.


magickmermaid said...

She's beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh! She's so pretty!