Tuesday, January 1, 2008

We'd Go to the Moon for You

Not really, but only because we couldn't afford a space flight! Instead LunaSeas is bringing the moon to our customers with our newest product. Moon is the latest of our herbal incenses. It combines jasmine, lotus, and lily oils together with some of our favorite lunar-related herbs. We adore it for full-moon ritual and magical workings.

Sun will be out shortly as well! Honoring that life-giving ball of gases, Sun features a unique combination of cedar and citrus scents that's reminiscent of the woods in summertime.

P.S. 2 Jan 2008 - When we said shortly, we meant it! Sun is now available in our online ship.

1 comment:

Kendra aka Athena's Disciple said...

Your incenses look great. I hope someday I will be able to sample some of it myself. :)